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20:01:14|18 stycznia 2018

***** Przygotuj się na sezon jesienny i skorzystaj z Mroźnej Paczki Auto Land! *****

Extend Your holiday 2017 MALTA


12 trips to Malta are waiting!

We invite you to join us for a trip to Malta - the Mediterranean Sea island, which abounds in a number of monuments and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. An attractive trip includes sightseeing, Jeep tours and much more.

Action rules:

Purchase the items from premium commodity groups and take invoices.

Your purchases will be converted into points that will be credited to your account balance at

Decide whether to order prizes from your points or bid one of 12 trips to Malta in September 2017!

Do you want to participate in the promotion?

If you already have an account in the customer panel of Auto Land, log in and accept the Malta action rules.

New customers make standard registration and acceptance of the rules on the website:

Brief rules:

Action term: 1 June – 31 August 2017

The action for wholesale customers registered on the website, making purchases on the basis of invoices.

Turnover in the premium group is counted from the beginning of the month in which a customer accepted the rules.

The point programme for purchases of premium groups - a customer receives points to be spent in the shop on the website.

In addition, 12 customers can use their points to bid a weekly trip to Malta with flight, board, dedicated guide, evening entertainment and concerts.

The action does not involve customers cooperating under special conditions.

The shops are allowed to participate in the promotion under specific rules /see the rules/.

The promotion is limited to customers registered on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

You can add prizes to the catalogue, please email to

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