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19:03:05|17 marca 2018

***** Gorące ceny wyposażenia warsztatowego Bosch ***** Przygotuj się na sezon zimowy i skorzystaj z Mroźnej Paczki Auto Land! *****

The first workshop of NEXUSAUTO alredy works


NEXUS Automotive Central Europe (N!ACE), the regional representative of NEXUS Automotive International SA is pleased to announce the launch of the first workshop NEXUSAUTO network in Poland. The organizers emphasize the international dimension of the project, the attractiveness of the concept, the range of the commercial offer, and the professionalism of the cooperation with distributors of spare parts who are in N!ACE.

NEXUSAUTO offers a number of benefits such as access to the workshop software and tools with special conditions, technical support, professional hotline, training and e-learning platform supported by NEXUS Academy.

We plan to launch the network guarantee programmes for repairs and offers of the international roadside assistance for customers of NEXUSAUTO. NEXUSAUTO partners can rely on real technological, organisational and commercial support from N!ACE. Within NEXUSAUTO, N!ACE offers its partners the highest quality visualisation of a facility made of an aesthetic and durable material, in attractive colours.       

N!ACE is a regional representative of the NEXUS Automotive International SA, the fast-growing automotive group, represented by 121 partners in 118 countries. This guarantees the associate partners of NEXUSAUTO access to a wide range of suppliers and the attractiveness of the conditions for the purchase of spare parts.  In addition, the workshop can use the service N! brands and premium brands.

Hubert Slok, member of the Management Board of N!ACE and Network Manager EMEA in NEXUS Automotive International SA: “The establishment of NEXUSAUTO in Poland is a natural step in the development of N! in the region, strengthen the position of partners of N!ACE and support for their customers. Preparing to launch the project are already in progress in other countries of the region”

Artur Prokopowicz, Development Manager in N!ACE: “Our global motto is 'The best care for your car', which means that we give priority to our customer and his/her safety. We provide our partners with the highest quality spare parts, we also focus on standards related to car repair. We work with reputable repair shops on the market. We receive numerous submissions from potential partners of NEXUSAUTO. There will be new workshops of NEXUSAUTO on the Polish map soon, which will offer customers the highest quality service.



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