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20:01:59|18 stycznia 2018

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CDIF3 updates


The recent updates include very different issues and brands. First, we would like to mention new models, which have just appeared: Jaguar XJ (X351), Fiat Panda III, Mitsubishi Galant. New Opel models – Karl and Vivaro, which versions will be developed in further updates, are also included in the list.

The introduction of another model of Ford – Kuga II with R4 2.0 TDCi engine, is an important issue. We have also provided 26 new drivers for all vehicles manufactured after 2011. Also in the Kia group, there has appeared a new model – Carens (RP), which had its premiere recently in 2014. Models equipped with engines: 1.6GDI, 2.0GDi, 2.0MPI and 1.7CRDI have been enriched by a list of 17 drivers.

We intensively develop the functionalities for the popular Mazda. In the current update for models –  2(DE), 3(BK), 5(CR) we have introduced new versions of engine drivers: i 1.3i, 1.5i, 2.2CITD and 2.0i. Similar improvements relate to the Dacia brand. Lodgy and Duster ph2 models have new drivers, e.g. for vehicles with engines: 1.6i, 1.6i 16V and 1.5dCi. In addition, we have improved scanning in BMW E87, E60 and E63.

There are also further changes in the Honda Group. The most important relates to the method of engine connections. What is more, new models and drivers with support for reset and display of faults, parameters, activation and adaptation were added. Similarly, for the VAG Group we have made upgrades of advanced features, including adaptation, encoding and logging. Also the possibility of diagnosing the new model of Skoda Fabia II (2011 0 2015) were introduced.

To meet the needs of users, we constantly improve the system of scanning and auto-detect functionality. In this case, the most important changes include the flagship models of Renault, including: Megane II, Trafic II ph2, Laguna II. However, our work is still in progress, and its effects will be visible with each subsequent update.

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