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5-year guarantee for Continental ContiTech products from the offer of Power Transmission Group.

Continental ContiTech PTG AAM, ensuring the highest quality of its products, has introduced the programme of 5-year guarantee on all its product range providing vehicles workshops with even greater security and additional selling arguments. To take advantage of the programme of 5-year guarantee, register on the website The application form is available in 47 languages, including Polish. After registering and confirmation of data by ContiTech, the workshop receives a special certificate confirming participation in the programme. The programme of 5-year guarantee applies to all installed in vehicles drive belts and its any components offered by ContiTech Power Transmission Group Automotive Aftermarket. The programme participants receive free 5-year guarantee by e-mail newsletters with the information on new products, changes in the product range and valuable workshops guidance.

The programme of 5-year guarantee applies only to registered vehicles repair workshops from the 47 countries in the period of 5 years from the date on which the product is installed in a vehicle. In case of a belt damage due to a defective material or manufacturing defect, ContiTech will cover product replacement costs for a defect-free product and repair costs. Extended guarantee claims are handled via the reseller from which you purchased the product. When reporting a claim, proof(s) of purchase of the product and the date of installation (from the receipt or invoice confirming your installation) must be provided. The product must be installed by a qualified specialist on the basis of the procedure required by the vehicle manufacturer, using appropriate special tools or control and measuring equipment. The guarantee will not be applied if a vehicle is not used in accordance with the intended purpose or if the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations are not respected in the frequency range of the replacement belt drives or the conditions of use. In addition, it does not involve the unnatural use caused by e.g. external factors (foreign bodies, contamination of fluids, unsuitable working conditions/environment), structural changes (tuning) and participation in the rallies.

 FAQ 5-year guarantee of ContiTech PTG

 Scope of the extended guarantee

Question: Who and on what conditions is eligible to participate in the extended guarantee?

Response: 5-year guarantee is only for vehicles workshops which registered on the website:, where you can find the detailed conditions for the programme.

Question: In which countries is the guarantee applied?

Response: ContiTech offers an extended guarantee of workshops in 47 countries in Europe, Russia and Turkey. A list of all the countries participating in the programme is included in the registration form on our website.

Question: Does 5-year guarantee cover the products inslatted before the registration?

Response: No. The programme of 5-year guarantee applies only to the products installed after the registration process. Only 2-year guarantee period applies for all products installed prior to the registration.

Question: What exactly does the guarantee cover?

Response: We guarantee that our products are free from defects for a period of 5 years from the date of installation. In the event of a defective material or manufacturing defect, we will take care of the replacement or repair of ContiTech product. This is usually in a form of reimbursement of purchase costs.

Question: Are additional costs such as vehicle rental, vehicle damage, hotels, etc. covered by the extended guarantee?

Response: No. The programme of 5-year guarantee applies only to ContiTech product that will be mentioned/reimbursed.


Question: Is the registration needed to participate in the program of 5-year guarantee?

Response: By registering, a vehicle repair workshop accepts the conditions of 5-year guarantee, which is the basic and necessary formal requirement. In addition, after registration, we offer vehicle workshops information technical support in a form of a newsletter, which will provide you with important product information, technical information and valuable installation guidance to minimize errors made during installation, which is also in the interest of the seller.

Question: Is mandatory registration of the workshop associated with increased costs?

Response: No, the registration of the workshop is not associated with increased costs.

Question: What is the course of the registration process?

Response: In order to register, please visit our website:, fill in the form by entering the required information about the workshop and accept the conditions of our guarantee. Then, the workshop will receive a confirmation link to confirm the provided e-mail address. Once it has been clicked, ContiTech will check the registration status (e.g. whether all required data has been entered or if the workshop has not previously been registered) and then approves and sends another e-mail confirming the participation. The extended guarantee is valid from the moment you receive this message. In addition, ContiTech sends a special certificate by e-mail confirming participation in the extended guarantee programme.

Question: What do I need the extended guarantee certificate for?

Response: The extended guarantee certificate confirms the participation of the workshop in the programme. In addition, it is a promotional material for the workshop as a trustworthy partner. The certificate is not necessary in the case of the process of dealing with complaints.

Question: Is it necessary to subscribe to the newsletter of ContiTech during the registration?

Response: Yes. However, in the case of a possible resignation, each newsletter contains a special link which you can use to cancel your subscription.

Question: How long does it take to register?

Response: The registration application is usually checked on the same day. However, in exceptional cases, it may last up to several days.

Question: What if a vehicle repair workshop does not know (or does not remember) that it is already registered?

Response: Just call our technical hotline or your local ContiTech market supervisor.

Question: Must every worker/mechanic in the workshop be registered individually?

Response: No. It is only necessary to make one registration for the workshop. During the verification of the registration request, it is checked whether the workshop has already been registered.

Question: What if many people would try to register the same vehicle workshop?

Response: Each registration is checked so that we can see it during the verification of the request. In this case, the workshop will be notified that has already been registered.

The process of dealing with complaints under 5-year guarantee

Question: What is the process for submitting claims resulting from 5-year guarantee?

Response: The procedure for submitting a claim resulting from the programme is analogous to the standard. The workshop will submit a claim about the product at the seller from whom the purchase was made. Then the product will be handed over to ContiTech for verification according to the standard arrangements. Our complaint department checks at the same time whether the workshop that claims is registered in the programme of 5-year guarantee and whether the advertised product has material defects or manufacturing defects. If so, the seller will receive a refund from ContiTech, and this in turn will return the costs to the workshop.

Question: Is it possible for the workshop to claim reimbursement for the defective product directly from ContiTech?

Response: No. The vehicle workshop purchases ContiTech products through the seller and therefore the claim must be reported to ContiTech through the reseller from whom the product was purchased.

Question: Who verifies whether the vehicle workshop submitting a claim is registered in the programme of 5-year guarantee?

Response: The verification is only made by the complaint department of ContiTech. The retailer submits a claim in accordance with the standard procedure (as in the case of 2-year guarantee) along with an invoice for the purchase of the product, confirmation of its installation, and a filled claim form.

Question: Must the sellers verify whether the vehicle workshop is covered by 5-year guarantee?

Response: No, the seller does not need to check the status of the workshop (see previous question); the verification is made by the complaint department of ContiTech.

Question: Does ContiTech need 5-year guarantee or a registration number?

Response: No. The guarantee certificate or a registration number make it easy to confirm the identity of a participant, but it is not required by ContiTech for data processing.

Question: What to do if the seller wants to check whether the vehicle workshop is registered so that it can directly deny unjustified claims?

Response: If the seller wants to find out if the workshop is registered, what should he/she do? To do this, ask the workshop to provide a registration number. If the workshop is registered, it will have a registration number. This number can be found in the registration confirmation e-mail and the certificate confirming the participation in the programme. If the shop does not know its registration number, ask for help from a local ContiTech market supervisor.

Protection and deletion of data of the participant

Question: Is the information received during the registration provided to third parties?

Response: No. In accordance with the personal data protection act, the information is used only by ContiTech as the proof of registration and to send newsletters.

Question: Can the vehicle workshop resign from receiving the newsletter?

Response: Yes. After receiving the first newsletter, the workshop can run the link provided in the e-mail and permanently resign from the newsletter.

Question: Does the extended guarantee expire with the resignation form the newsletter?

Response: No. The resignation from the newsletter does not influence on the extended guarantee. Newsletter is only a form of technical support for the workshop.

Question: Can the vehicle workshop completely remove its data from the database of ContiTech?

Response: Yes, it can do this at any time via the website However, it should be remembered that this will permanently remove all workshop registration information from the database, and this will mean the expiration of any extended guarantee claims, as the registration data cannot be verified.

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