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03:07:13|17 lipca 2018

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FORD admits Nissens „Q1 - Preferred Quality Status” certificate


On 18th February 2015, in Horsens/Denmark, Ford presented „Q1 - Preferred Quality Status” for Nissens Automotive. Ford established many requirements, that must be meet by his partners to become preferred supplier. Ford compensates suppliers which fulfill the conditions regarding quality, on time payments, managing the materials and which offers high technical standards.

Jasper Petersen, Production and Quality Director, said: “Nissens meeting Ford’s requirements and obtaining Q1 - Preferred Quality Status Certificate, joined exclusive group of companies, that are Ford’s certified suppliers. The certificate confirms, that we can prove our detailed work on production process development, integration improvements in key functional areas and monitoring projects and its results. FORD highlighted the professionalism with which we  create our product, testing and verifying process. We are proud that Nissens meets the requirements of the most demanding clients on the market.”

Gaining the certificate also gives new possibilities for Nissens Automotive. Klavs Thulstrup Pedersen, Senior Vice President said: „In my speech at the ceremony I thanked FORD for recognition, because this is for Nissens big step forward. In the process of obtaining the certificate we undertook the challenge to be the best partner for FORD. FORD came very constructively and professionally to this process, believing and confirming, that Nissens Automotive is able to meet his expectations. Now we concentrating on our future cooperation. There is no doubt, that Nissens with Q1 certificate proved, that it is a professional company that has what it takes to be a supplier for the best. "

At the ceremony Allan Nissens said to the guests and employees: “We are proud of receiving Q1 certificate from one of the biggest and most valued car manufacturers’. It shows that Nissens delivers high quality products, excellent deliveries’ realisation and offers attractive product range. We hope that cooperation with FORD will continue to develop to the mutual benefit in the coming years. We will do everything to continue to grow our business, to act in accordance with the expectations of our valued partner which is Ford. ”

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