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03:07:11|17 lipca 2018

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Tenneco launches a free Technician's Advanced Digital Information System for customers buying spare parts. The TADIS™ Internet platform provides a quick and easy access to a large database of technical specifications for driving control systems and exhaust emissions.

Tenneco has launched an ultra modern and comprehensive system of digital information which offers an efficient and easy access to the latest films about diagnostics and technical matters, information regarding repairs and products in the field of  driving control and exhaust emissions. The free access to the new Technician's Advanced Digital Information System (TADIS™) is available for car workshop employees, sales representatives offering spare parts, technical school teachers, students, journalists and clients.
Access to TADIS v2.0 – also in the Polish language version – can be directly obtained by clicking on the 4T logo at www.monroe.coml or through

TADIS is another important investment, which aims to provide Tenneco’s customers with technical and substantive support. Improving  access to the latest information on diagnostics, repair and products, Tenneco helps its customers and users to manage the repair process in a more efficient and enterprising way.
The TADIS application, by having a multi-platform construction and being coupe with various equipment connected to the Internet, such as: desktop computer, laptop, mobile devices and operating systems, provides technical information useful for all users, ranking from car workshops’ qualified workers to owners of vehicles. The available content includes technical data, highly advanced, interactive e-learning modules; more than 125 technical films; guidance on diagnosis and installation; diagnostic tools and equipment user guides; comprehensive information on the range of Monroe® and Walker® products; online catalogues and many others. The system will be updated on a regular basis, in order to contain the latest information on Technologies related to modern vehicles.

Despite its overwhelming size, TADIS allows users to explore all available data through barely three clicks. The system includes more than 16 000 links to technical images, 3D animations, circuit diagrams, slides, diagnostic articles and other valuable resources.
The creation of TRADIS system strengthens Tenneco’s position as a leader in providing training services and technical support for professionals dealing with spare parts and for all customers, regardless of their experience.



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